What types of accommodations might college students with disabilities need during the registration process?

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With a universally designed registration process, students with disabilities should be able to access all registration functions without accommodations. For example, web-based registration processes should be designed to be accessible to all students, including those who are blind and use screen-reader technology.

Some students with disabilities benefit from priority registration. For example, a student with a mobility impairment could select course times and locations to allow adequate passing time between classes on a large campus. A student with a health impairment could secure classes during specific time periods when the impact of health-related issues (e.g., fatigue) is minimal. Students who need to procure textbooks in alternative formats also benefit from early registration.

Clear procedures related to registration for students with disabilities, how to request accommodations, and the timely distribution of this information are important to include in key registration documents.

For more information consult the Registration section of the Student Services Conference Room.