What strategies are companies using to recruit employees with autism spectrum disorder?

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A large portion of individuals with ASD are unemployed although many of them are capable of working. Students with ASD often find it difficult to communicate in a traditional interview format. Some companies, both in the US and abroad, have enacted programs to specifically recruit employees with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Examples of these recruitment efforts and programs include:

  • Microsoft has launched a program to hire individuals with ASD. Through the program, candidates go through workshop and have access to job coaches.
  • SAP’s Autism at Work program recruits employees with ASD and works to ensure they have multiple sources of support.
  • Google has partnered with the Lime Connect network to recruit interns who identify as being on the Autism Spectrum and are interested in a technical internship in Software Engineering.
  • Autism @ Work Roundtable offers a simple way for candidates to see the type of roles and skill sets each position is hiring for and how to apply. The roles listed are all based in the US and at various locations per company.
  • Dell Technologies' Neurodiversity Program provides an interview process that is designed for Neurodivergent candidates for both internship and full-time employment.
  • In the UK, the analytics company SAS offers work experience with ASD. SAS supports interns and employees with ASD by training existing employees, adjusting the interview process, and providing written instructions to interns.
  • In Australia, Hewlett Packard’s Dandelion program includes an extended interview process, coaching on life skills, and training for hiring managers.

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