What considerations should be made to ensure that electronic and information resources in a library are accessible?

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Be sure that the library's web pages and other electronic and information resources are designed to be accessible to people with disabilities. Consider these items in ensuring accessible information technology.

  • Can the library's electronic and information resources, including web pages, online catalogs, indexes, and full-text databases and CD-ROMs, be accessed with a variety of adaptive computer technologies, including text-to-speech software?
  • Do library policy statements specifically state that electronic technology should be evaluated for accessibility as part of the procurement process (e.g., using Section 508 standards)?
  • Do library web page development guidelines require that pages adhere to accessibility guidelines or standards (e.g., W3C web accessibility guidelines, Section 508 Standards)?
  • Are librarians prepared to assist patrons with electronic resources that they cannot access by providing research consultations or materials in other formats?