What are key issues for increasing the successful participation of individuals with disabilities in STEM fields?

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Individuals with disabilities experience far less career success than their nondisabled peers, especially in challenging careers such as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Three factors contribute to the underrepresentation of individuals with disabilities in STEM:

  • preparation of students with disabilities
  • access to facilities, programs, and equipment
  • acceptance by educators, employers, and coworkers

The article entitled Increasing the Representation of People with Disabilities in Science, Engineering, and Mathematics discusses these three issues, explores the role of information technology, describes a program that positively influences each of the factors, and makes recommendations for action.

For a list of nationwide projects that offer programs and resources geared towards making STEM accessible to people with disabilities, visit the DO-IT Knowledge Base article, Where can I find projects that promote the participation of students with disabilities in STEM?