UW Opens New D Center

A logo saying 'D Center' with the D, in blue, overlapping with the C, in black.
Noah Seidel, DO-IT Staff and Scholar

The D Center at the University of Washington had its grand opening on April 5, sponsored in part by DO-IT's AccessSTEM project.

The space will be used to host meetings, film screenings, discussions, and drop in hours for students to study, eat, relax, and meet other folks who want to be involved with the Disability and Deaf community. DO-IT and AccessSTEM have been working with the D Center to help them create a space that utilizes universal design and will be welcoming for disabled and deaf community members and students. The D Center strives to create an inclusive, accessible space affirming of all bodies, minds and identities by fostering a culture of social justice and pride.

On opening night, the room was full of University and community members getting acquainted with the new space, which includes a Disability Studies library, along with couches, chairs, and tables for folks to use. Two D Center coordinators spoke about how they hope people with disabilities can use the space along with members of the Deaf community to engage people who may have felt isolated in University settings.

The D Center is located in 024 Mary Gates Hall. For more information, upcoming events, and hours, visit depts.washington.edu/dcenter.