Tips for College

DO-IT Scholars Chanon and Khrystal

All of us DO-IT Scholars have one or more disabilities. Some of us use wheelchairs while others can't see or hear too well. Some have learning disabilities. With our disabilities, some of us didn't, or still don't, think we can go to college. Now the ones that thought that are learning more and more that they can go to college and get the things they need to succeed in college. So, here are twenty helpful tips to help you with college.

  1. Have a positive attitude.
  2. Take classes in high school that will help you with your chosen major field.
  3. Preview the college in person before you attend it to check that it is all it is said to be.
  4. Make all necessary special arrangements with the disabled student services office and professors well in advance of starting your classes.
  5. Make sure to visit your professors during their office hours in the very beginning of the semester or prior to classes. This allows them to be able to get to know you and your unique needs personally.
  6. Check out the classrooms that you are scheduled to be using as well as the accessibility of the general area including halls, doors, and bathrooms.
  7. Determine what your optimal learning style and methods are, and use those methods to study.
  8. Set aside scheduled time to study in an area that is appropriate for your optimal learning style and method.
  9. Get sufficient sleep at night even if that means not cramming the whole night before a test. You will function better if your brain is awake.
  10. Become familiar with basic word processing programs as well as simple e-mail and Internet programs. They will be essential in college for chatting with distant friends, scheduling times with professors, and typing up papers.
  11. Keep a daily and monthly planner of all of the classes, activities, and other commitments you have made throughout the school year. Carry it with you at all times.
  12. Make up a preliminary roommate contract and stick to it, modifying it only if you both agree.
  13. Learn how to compromise with your college roommate.
  14. Learn how to budget your money. In college nobody has much of it, so you have to learn all of the little tricks, like buying in bulk, splitting perishables with your roommate, and buying generic. Also, try to carpool, not order out too much, and rent movies instead of going to the theater in order to save money.
  15. Spend some time volunteering in your community or school. Join organizations that allow you opportunities to interact with leaders in your community and develop connections.
  16. Get work experience before you graduate from college. Ideally, it will relate to your future major.
  17. Develop an independent attitude that allows you to accept both personal successes and failures.
  18. Learn to not take yourself too seriously and to laugh at your own mistakes. We all make them.
  19. Challenge yourself to try new things and embrace new opportunities.
  20. Make sure to set aside time to have fun and socialize. All work and no play makes you no fun to be with!