Tech Tips: Netiquette

Andrew, '97 Scholar
Picture of Andrew
Picture of Andrew.

Netiquette is a series of "friendly" guidelines which everyone uses for politeness. There is not a strict code on most of the Net. What are the basic rules of netiquette? Below are some of the suggestions that I found at

  • General rule: don't be a jerk. If you use expletives every other word, or insult people, people are likely to ignore you (at least) or flame you (probably). One more note: even the intelligent inhabitants of mailing lists can be quick to anger. If you insult anyone intelligent, be prepared for a very humiliating public depantsing.
  • Don't post in all caps. It infers YELLING.
  • KISS-Keep It SHORT, Stupid! People have to download the whole thing, so don't make them mad.
  • Your signature should be no more than 5 lines long.
  • Mailing lists are created for a specific reason. If what you want to post isn't germane to the list, don't post it.
  • Reply to posts regarding etiquette (net and otherwise) in private email.