Team Bio: Seth Roy (AccessComputing News - November 2010)

Seth Roy, AccessComputing Team Member
Image of Seth Roy
Seth Roy

Hi, my name is Seth Roy. When I was two years old, I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss in both of my ears. At present, I am a student at Marquette University (MU) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am majoring in computational mathematics, which is a combination of mathematics, statistics, business, and computer science. My major is very similar to MU's actuarial science program. I'm interested in becoming an actuarial or risk analyst. After I earn my undergraduate degree, I would like to attend graduate school and earn an MBA. I find my studies to be very challenging, which keeps me motivated. The concepts that I'm learning right now fascinate me!

I love MU and its environment. Everyone respects me for who I am. MU didn't have much experience with Deaf or hard-of-hearing students before me. But when I became a student, they were very understanding and receptive to my needs and accommodations. I currently work part time in the Office of Disability Service (ODS), and I'm working to help to increase enrollment of students who are deaf and hard of hearing. I graduate in two years, and I am already thinking about how much I will miss this school. The staff truly care about the students' success.