Small Group Discussions on Efforts, Challenges, and Opportunities, as well as Next Steps for Collaboration

Issues discussed include the following topics:

  • create partnerships between project managers and vendors to provide deliverables regarding increased accessibility of a digital product
  • work with accessibility challenges of platforms used across campus, including 
  • how to create a consortium of stakeholders focused on getting vendors to make changes that improve accessibility
  • address the fallout from the pandemic, which accelerated the development of some accessibility solutions but also moved many of them to the backburner
  • build out advocate coordination at all levels, so that work can carry on, even as positions change or people come and go
  • increase base funding to do software trials, work on accessibility testing, and address other accessibility issues
  • increase the use of accessibility trackers state wide
  • encourage the state to develop a centralized system to share resources on procurement, development, and use of accessible software
  • continue working on accessibility efforts during the pandemic
  • tighten up the procurement policy at each institution
  • consider using Trusted Tester Training from Homeland Security
  • get the right people in the room to build community around accessible website design.
  • make sure tools are used consistently across campus for accessibility
  • make sure the procurement process stays strong even as people move to other jobs or new hires come in
  • make sure vendors and the buying department both review the accessibility report on software purchases and address issues before purchasing takes place
  • promote a restart of the state Policy #188 task force