Shaping a Solution


During the summer camp the students attended a class on problem solving given by Swapna Mukhopadhyay and Bob Sassanoff. The students learned mainly about the basics of problem solving and basic geometry.

The geometry section was particularly informative. It taught the students the basics of geometry. The students learned about some of the basic geometric shapes, and how to measure their area.

To show the students how to get the area of these shapes, the teacher used a board with nails set at regular intervals. The nails formed a grid on which the students created shapes using rubber bands. This system was beneficial to all the students because they could see how the area was found. Instead of looking at numbers they could look at the spaces between the nails.

The students of the DO-IT program learned quite a lot from the problem solving session. Most of the students came away knowing a little more about basic problem solving and geometry.