Resume Contest Winners

Tamitha Tidwell and Kayla Brown

Throughout the year, AccessSTEM Team members hear about scholarships, internships, and other work-based learning opportunities through an online discussion list. This December, one of those opportunities was a resume contest. We received more than forty resumes. The grand prize winner was Nicco from Seattle Public School (SPS) who won the drawing for $150 stipend to use towards his education. In addition, the eight best resumes were selected for a $50 education stipend—winners were Alex, University of Washington; Alysa, Bellevue College; Carolyn, Bellevue College; Kathryn, Olin College; Lewis, University of South Carolina; Liliana, University of Washington; Scott, University of Washington; and William, SPS. Runners-up were Chad, University of Washington; Ema, UW; Mohamed, Bellevue College; Russell-Albert, SPS.

AccessSTEM Team members can send their resumes to staff for review or assistance any time of the year, by emailing Campus career centers are also a great resource for student resume writing. For more information on career readiness, read Preparing for a Career: An Online Tutorial at or visit the Student Lounge at