Resources from ADEPT about Engineering and Disability

Friday, December 13, 2019

Accessible Design of Engineered Products and Technology (ADEPT) works to build a strong and sustainable national network of engineering faculty, students, and professionals interested in and able to address issues related to disability, accessibility, and universal design (UD). ADEPT hosts a community and develops resources to engage this network in professional development activities to pique their interest in disability and accessibility and share best practices in incorporating these topics into engineering courses.

ADEPT offers the following resources:

  • Training Webinars. Recordings of webinars feature engineering professionals, faculty, and students with disabilities discussing access issues and solutions, UD, and curriculum. Webinars are presented with captions on an accessible platform. Topics include perspectives of people with disabilities, design processes, campus accessibility efforts, accessible documents, legal frameworks, and more.
  • Accessibility Briefs. These guides outline topics and activities that could be included in engineering curricula or by faculty or students¬† to further their understanding of accessibility. Topics include accessibility for deaf and hard of hearing, accessibility of engineering tools, accessible ideation, accessibility reviews, assistive technology , faculty learning community, makerspaces, personalized design, and more.

ADEPT also hosts a Community of Practice focused on accessibility in engineering. Faculty, students, and professionals share perspectives and expertise; suggest project activities; and share problems, solutions, and practices. To join the CoP, email