Putting Our Heads Together for Brain Awareness Day

Lisa Stewart, DO-IT Staff

Once again this year, DO-IT joined in the fun at Brain Awareness Day on March 22 at the Health Sciences Building at the University of Washington in Seattle. Surrounded by electronic brain-imaging devices, real human brains and spinal cords that could be touched and examined, and a number of other intriguing and thought-provoking displays, students, teachers, and parents were able to explore the mysteries of the brain and learn about the many fascinating and exciting fields of study in health sciences.

The DO-IT booth provided everyone with hands-on opportunities, as well as a wealth of information about resources for students with disabilities in education and careers, particularly in the areas of science and engineering. Participants had fun and walked away with a bit more knowledge tucked away in and about their gray matter. Put a note on your calendar to join us next spring for this great educational event!