Proceedings from Neurodiverse Students in STEM: A Capacity Building Institute for Postsecondary Faculty and Staff (April 2023)

All the participants from the April 2023 capacity building institute.

This publication shares the proceedings of the April 2023 Neuroscience for Neurodiverse Learners Capacity Building Institute (CBI). The content may be useful for people who

  • participated in the CBI; 
  • work on diversity goals within National Science Foundation-funded projects;
  • work within postsecondary science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) departments; 
  • seek to increase their understanding of issues surrounding the participation of neurodiverse students in STEM education; 
  • would like to access resources to help make their courses, products, programs, and activities more welcoming and accessible; and/or 
  • have promising practices to share with others.