The links below are a collection of stand-alone presentations on specific topics of interest to campuses nationwide. The presentations are designed for use with postsecondary faculty and administrators. They can be easily adapted to specific audience interests and program lengths. They can also be combined to create a series of presentations for a single group.

These topics were selected after conducting focus groups and a literature review which is summarized in the Synthesis of Research section of this publication. The DO-IT Prof and AccessCollege project team members helped develop the content. After the last presentation module in this section, you will find a long and a short presentation evaluation form (pages 189-191) to give to your audience participants at the end of each presentation.

The suggestions in the sections entitled Presentation Tips and Institutionalization Strategies can be used in the process of developing an individual presentation and implementing professional development of faculty and administrators throughout the institution, respectively. Further details about the materials in this notebook are located in the section "How to Use These Materials."