Outdoors for All?

Tatsuro and Rosa'Lea, Phase I Scholars

The Outdoors for All event at Summer Study gave Scholars the opportunity to ride accessible bikes. For people without a physical disability, riding the bikes was fun and there weren't any accessibility issues. For most Scholars with a mobility impairment, the bikes were accessible. For example, one bike at the event was propelled by the biker's arms, instead his or her legs. Scholars who have a visual impairment pedaled on a two-person bike, while a sighted Scholar steered. One Scholar, who has muscular dystrophy, found the bikes to be inaccessible because he requires trunk supports as well as a custom seat to sit comfortably. Additionally, he does not have the strength to pedal with his arms or his legs. To make this experience more accessible, we recommend a lift to transfer a person with a mobility impairment from his or her wheelchair to the bike, as well as a passenger seat with stationary foot rests.