New DO-IT Videos Featured Online

Elizabeth Lee, DO-IT Staff
-	A screenshot from DO-IT’s new video Graduate School and Students with Disabilities.

DO-IT has many new videos released recently. These videos span a wide variety of topics, from recruiting and retaining employees with disabilities to making your videos accessible.

One of our videos, Graduate School and Students with Disabilities, focuses on ways that students with disabilities can be successful in graduate school. This video features students with disabilities, educators with disabilities, disability service providers, and professors and how they recommend navigating the application and accommodation processes. Recommendations include planning extra time to request accommodations (especially for standardized tests), creating a support system, and finding what accommodations work best for you in graduate school.

All DO-IT videos can be viewed in the fully accessible AblePlayer, which allows for speeding up or slowing down a video, toggling on captions, watching a version with audio description, and reading along with the transcript. See all of our new videos and more on the DO-IT Videos page.