Mnemonics for All: A Case Study on Tutoring Centers and a Student with a Learning Disability

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My name is Jen. I am a freshman majoring in Fashion Merchandising and enrolled in a Retailing I course. I have Dyslexia and a visual-processing problem.

Access Issue

In order to pass my midterm exam, I needed a way to memorize information about fashion designers and the materials with which they work.


I went to the disabled student services office for help. A disabled student services counselor referred me to the learning center. I went to the learning center and asked for a tutor who also has a background in learning strategies. I worked with someone who helped me with mnemonic techniques to memorize the designers and other key information.


This case study illustrates the following:

  1. Students with learning disabilities can benefit from alternative learning strategies and study skills support.
  2. Campus tutors and learning support specialists should be aware of the needs of students with disabilities.
  3. Disabled student services staff and faculty should be aware of student services that can benefit students with disabilities.