Microsoft Accessibility

Desmond, Phase I Scholar

At Microsoft we went to the Xbox accessibility room where we saw the innovative technology they were creating to expand Xbox’s player base. They showed us how 3D audio effects could be presented in a headset, as well as a vest, created for disc jockeys (DJs), but used by people with hearing impairments so they can feel the effects in a game that others would be able to hear. We also got to explore controllers that were smaller in size and lighter than normal for people who aren’t able to use the standard controllers.

We also saw new features added to the Xbox One to help people with visual impairments, such as audio description, magnification, and high contrast. Examples helped us understand these feature’s in action--one example was from a professional blind Killer Instinct player named Sightless Kombat who uses the sound options of the game to play competitively online.