Materials Included

Sample Presentation Script
A sample presentation script is included to minimize the work that would otherwise be required to prepare a presentation. The presenter may use the full script or extract sections and concepts to customize a presentation.

Resource Materials
A short glossary of disability and technology terms and a listing of resources on disability issues relevant to libraries, adaptive technology, and accessible Web design are included for the presenter's information. Additional information can be found at DO-IT's World Wide Web site.

Reproducible, camera-ready templates are included for use in the presentation.

Handout Templates
Black and white templates of the following DO-IT handouts can be copied for your presentation.

Overhead Transparency Templates
Black and white templates that can be copied onto transparencies are included for use in the presentation. A large number of transparencies are included to optimize custom presentation options. Pick and choose which templates work best for your audience and meeting time.

Videotape Presentations
Two videotape presentations are included on the enclosed videotape.

A 14-minute presentation, "Working Together: People with Disabilities and Computer Technology," introduces individuals with disabilities who demonstrate adaptive technology and computer applications for people with mobility impairments, blindness, low vision, hearing and/or speech impairments, health impairments, and learning disabilities.

An 11-minute presentation, "World Wide Access," introduces viewers to library users with disabilities who describe the roadblocks they encounter on the World Wide Web. The videotape provides an overview of principles of accessible Web design. Following these principles ensures that people with a broad range of abilities and disabilities are able to obtain information from your Web pages.

Electronic Presentation
An electronic presentation is available at DO-IT's World Wide Web site at

Here you will find the overhead transparencies included in your packet, as well as additional examples of Web pages that use universal design principles. With a live Internet connection, you can run the presentation from DO-IT's site. Or, you may prefer to download the files for an offline presentation utilizing one of many offline browser capture programs (e. g., Browser Buddy, WebWhacker). If you choose this presentation method, be sure to have the traditional overhead transparencies ready as a backup in case of Internet connection or computer failure!

Permission is granted to reproduce these materials for non-commercial, educational purposes as long as proper credit is given to the source.