Hien and Medical School Rotations: A Case Study on Accommodating for a Pacemaker


My name is Hien and I am a fourth-year medical student preparing for rotations. I have a heart condition that requires a pacemaker and I cannot be within 20 feet of microwaves, but my rotation sites may put me in proximity to medical microwaves.

Access Issue

Completing the rotation may expose me to unsafe levels of microwaves. I want to be safe, but I also want to be able to keep my disability confidential while maintaining the widest possible selection of rotation sites.

Elena and Computer Graphics: A Case Study on Accommodating Health Impairments


My name is Elena. I am working toward my associate's degree in computer graphics at the community college. I have Lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease causing inflammation of the tissues, which can be painful. Recently I developed repetitive strain injuries (RSI) as a result of my muscle pain and weakness and extensive computer use. I take medications that partially control the Lupus symptoms. I do not have a visible disability, so sometimes people think I am faking or unnecessarily avoiding work.

Distance Learning: A Case Study on the Accessibility of an Online Course


My name is Maria and I am a distance learning instructor at a community college. A student who is blind enrolled in my course and told me that some of the content was inaccessible.

Access Issue

Specifically, the student pointed out that some course content was embedded in graphics images that she could not access using her text-to-speech system.


I added text descriptions for all of the graphics images in my course.


This case demonstrates the following:

Connecting with Peers: A Case Study on College Transition for a Student with Asperger's Syndrome


My name is Austin. I have a diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome and I recently started taking classes at my local community college.

Access Issue

My family and I were concerned about my transition to college because I have difficulty meeting people and making new friends. Having friends my own age at school helps me to stay positive and motivated when things get hard. My two best friends in high school were people whom I have known all my life.

Are postsecondary institutions responsible for accessibility at off-campus events?

If an off-campus event, such as a graduation ceremony or a course, is sponsored by an institution, the institution is responsible for ensuring that it is accessible to qualified students and guests with disabilities. When planning the event, inspect the meeting rooms, parking areas, restrooms, and other facilities ahead of time to ensure that they are accessible to people with mobility impairments and other types of disabilities. Also include a statement in event publications and websites that tells how to request disability-related accommodations.

Alternative Access: A Case Study on the Benefits of Assistive Technology for Students with Temporary Disabilities


My name is Carol. I am a nontraditional student who was recently diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a repetitive motion injury that affects my wrists. As a journalism major, I have many writing assignments that require the use of a computer.

Access Issue

I could not complete my coursework and assignments because my injury prevented me from using the standard computer keyboard.