The Life of Living in a Dorm

Cheyann and Oksana, 2018 Scholars

Have you ever wondered what life is like living in a dorm? There are many pros and cons to this style of living on college campus.

Pro: Hang out with your friends all the time without parents telling you what to do!

Con: You may miss your family, miss your room and bed at home, and feel like your space is crowded when sharing a small room with a roommate.

Pro: With certain types of meal plans, you can qualify for an all you can eat buffet!

Con: You have to figure out what you want to eat or can feel sick if you eat too much junk food.

A group of Scholars play Apples to Apples in the dorm lounge during Summer Study 2018.

Pro: Stay up all night with your friends. You’re never bored because you’re so busy!

Con: Sitting through long lectures and a day full of activities without enough sleep can make you very tired.

Pro: You have more independence and can ask for help as needed, with staff always available or on call!

Con: Accommodations need to be requested in advance and may take time to be granted. You should plan in advance before moving into your dorm for what you need. While all people should have access and be treated fair and equal, people with disabilities often need to advocate for themselves when they need something.