Lesson 12: Resources

Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities
Distance Learning Course
SUBJECT: Accommodations 12: RESOURCES


The purpose of this lesson is to increase your awareness of your campus resources and of those resources available on the Web, and to provide you with a reference list for future use in accommodating students with disabilities.

Questions to REFLECT upon while reading the CONTENT

What resources are available for accommodating students with disabilities on your campus?
Do you know of additional resources not included in the list?


The Faculty Room Web site maintains links to resources that can help faculty members accommodate students with disabilities in their classes. Specific URLs for the topics covered in this course are listed below.

The organization of this list is first by GENERAL RESOURCES, then RESOURCES BY LESSON TOPIC:

Lesson 02: Rights and Responsibilities

Lesson 03: Universal Design

Lesson 04: Hearing Impairments

Lesson 05: Visual Impairments

Lesson 06: Mobility Impairment

Lesson 07: Health Impairment

Lesson 08: Learning Disabilities

Lesson 09: Psychiatric Disabilities

Lesson 10: Adaptive Technolog

Lesson 11: Distance Learnin

These resource lists on The Faculty Room web site were created for you to use as a reference. The listings are not comprehensive, and the Web addresses may change over time and become inaccessible. If you have questions or requests related to resources, I will try to locate the answers for you.


Send an email message to the group that answers the following question: What resources are available for accommodating students with disabilities on your campus? What other resources would you add to the list?

Your EMAIL subject line should read: Accommodations 12: RESOURCES.

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