Jane Comes to DO-IT

Welcome the latest member of the DO-IT staff, Jane Sparks! Jane, a native of Southern California, has worked at Shoreline Community College for the past five years. Most recently she was employed in the Community Integration Program which provides academic and personal support for twenty adults with cerebral palsy.

She said of her experiences so far at DO-IT, "I couldn't ask to work with a nicer or more interesting group of people. It's so easy to be excited about my job because it truly is a wonderful program!"

Jane is working on her masters degree in education at the UW Bothell campus. She once rode her bike from Canada to Mexico and she has what some consider an offbeat sense of humor. In her position with DO-IT she will be, among other things, the overnight staff during the Summer Study program. So, Scholars, watch out for Jane at dorm curfew time! Let's give her a warm welcome!