Jackbox Games with the Crew

Marcos, Phase I Scholar
Student working on phone and laptop with raised desktop

I really enjoyed playing Jackbox Games during game nights. These games support a large group, with most games playing eight players. The other Scholars make the game more exciting by being good pals to play with and refraining from any behavior that would dull the fun of playing games. My favorite game currently is “Fibbage” a game based of deception and trivia, with honorable mentions to “Trivia murder party” and “Brackeetering.” 

During the gaming sessions, Phase I Scholar Braxton was one of the ones who got my attention with his wide knowledge and an ability to see past deception. Staff member Mira also was fun as she was able to trick me for a whole Fibbage game. I loved playing with all the Scholars; I can’t remember the last time I’ve had that much fun with a group of people I don’t know that well.