I Scream and Karaoke with a Birthday on Top!

Picture of Interns.
'07 Summer Study Interns Zach, Marlen, and Daren serve ice cream during Karaoke.

The first Saturday night at DO-IT Summer Study was an amazing Karaoke night and ice cream social with an eighteenth birthday celebration for Intern Daman all rolled up into one.

During karaoke there were lots of songs to choose from—from songs by varied artists such as The Beatles and Aerosmith to those from musicals and movies. Everyone who wanted to sing got an opportunity to do so! Even for those of us who aren't the best at carrying a tune, it was an awesome time.

During karaoke there was a big ice cream sundae bar with multiple flavors as well as all sorts of toppings, including sprinkles, fudge syrup, and whipped cream that were within reach and accessible to everyone from a seated or standing position.

The cherry on the top of the evening was celebrating Daman's eighteenth birthday. Daman's birthday made karaoke night even more fun. There was a group sing-along to "Happy Birthday" for Daman. The birthday boy was really enjoying himself too, which, of course, was the point. And that cake sure went great with the ice cream!

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