How can web design teachers learn to incorporate web accessibility in their courses?

Date Updated

The DO-IT publication, Universal Design of Web Pages in Class Projects, provides guidance for instructors who want to incorporate universal design and accessibility content into their web design classes. The publication includes options for teachers who wish to provide short introductions on web accessibility as well as more comprehensive coverage of the topic.

Teachers and webmasters who are interested in improving knowledge of accessible technology and web design may wish to consider the following activities as well:

  • Consult the University of Washington's Designing Accessible Websites webpage for information and guidelines on designing accessible websites.
  • Review the AccessWeb Resource Page, which includes a well-organized array of helpful links and resources on technology issues, tools, and training options.
  • Join the AccessWeb discussion list to participate in discussions on web access topics, learn about issues faced by colleagues, and post questions of one's own.

To locate tutorials on how to create accessible websites, consult the DO-IT Knowledge Base article Are there any web-based tutorials on web accessibility?