How can I include people with disabilities in the broader impacts statement of my NSF grant proposal?

Date Updated

National Science Foundation grant proposals must include a description of the broader impacts of the proposed work. One consideration is how project activities will promote the full participation of people with disabilities in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). There are many ways to include people with disabilities in your work and to otherwise address access issues for people with disabilities. This might include:

  • Hiring a student with a disability to work on a research project or other aspect of the project. The disability services office may be able to help you locate a student with a disability.
  • Hosting a speaker with a disability in your department.
  • Making your website accessible to people with disabilities. For more information about web accessibility see 30 Web Accessibility Tips.

For more information, see Broadening Participation in Science and Engineering by Welcoming Participants with Disabilities.