Having a College Roommate

Brookelyn and Katie, Phase I Scholars
DO-IT Phase I Scholars Chana and Katelyn share a laugh while riding an accessible bike together.
Having a buddy during Summer Study gives Scholars a go-to partner for activities.

After a long journey to the wonderful University of Washington campus, learning about the dorms, and meeting some of the Scholars, you still have one more adventure to attend to before dinner and rest. This is meeting your new roommate. Having a roommate is very interesting, especially when it’s your first time living in a dorm, and it gives you a connection and friend throughout Summer Study. Your roommate is probably just as excited and nervous about DO-IT Summer Study as you are.

As nice as it is to have a roommate, you still want to keep a few small things in mind. Remember to respect and be nice to each other, communicate, and look out for each other. You are both new at this and could use an ally. It’s important that you and your roommate help each other and remember you both have different strengths and weaknesses. Hold the door open, pick things up for each other, and walk to your next activity together if possible. Also be there for your roommate to talk to if they need emotional support. If you and your roommate are respectful to one another then you will become fast friends.