Getting Snacks in the Mail!

Abby, Phase I Scholar

Have you ever wanted to get a box of snacks sent to you for free? It’s fun, exciting, and you get to eat! Snack boxes are an exciting part of Summer Study because you get to pick what you want, get a package in the mail, and then eat all the snacks!

The first reason why snack boxes are fun is being able to pick out what you want. Once you get onto the website, there are different snack topics like beverages, pantry items, crunchy snacks, and more. When clicking on the item you want, there should be an add to cart button. When you’re done finding all the snacks you want, there is a checkout button—we got to pay with credit from the Scholars program. It was exciting to get the confirmation email from UPS and get a tracking number. You then can look forward to your snack box!

The second reason why snack boxes are exciting is getting the package in the mail. After you pick out your snacks, the UPS company will label your package and send it off. After a few days, it arrives in the mail—then you are free to open your box of snacks. 

The last reason why snack boxes are great is the eating. After opening the box of snacks you can eat to your heart’s content. How’s your box of snacks? You’re probably thinking it was fun, exciting, and—the best part—delicious.