Exploring a Makerspace

Rob and Jarrod, Phase I Scholars
-	Phase I Scholars Takashi, Jayda, Z, and Rochelle participate in a design challenge during Summer Study 2016.

During the first Wednesday of Summer Study, the Phase I DO-IT Scholars went to the CoMotion Makerspace. Assistant professor Kat Steele introduced us to the workspace, which included 3-D printers, sewing machines, and laser cutters. We saw many students working with this equipment as well as other students designing objects with computers.

We went through the design process to learn how to build a wallet. The wallets were just prototypes, because we only had craft supplies, like pipe cleaners, duct tape, and colored paper to build the wallet. However, after building the wallet, we found its flaws and made it better, then we presented it to the group.