DO-IT at UW D Center's Open House Event

By Andrea Mano, DO-IT Staff, and Dustine Bowker and Aditya Thakur, DO-IT Student Assistants
Andrea, Aditya, and Dustine stand in front of the DO-IT Banner.

During Winter quarter, the University of Washington D Center, which is the UW's Disability and d/Deaf Cultural Center located inside the HUB, invited DO-IT to attend the D Center's Open House event. The D Center recently underwent renovations, and DO-IT was one of several organizations and affinity groups that participated in the D Center's reopening festivities. These organizations were also in attendance:

  • UW ASL Program,
  • UW ASL Club,
  • Student Legal Services,
  • Disability Resources for Students,
  • Q Center,
  • Huskies for Neurodiversity, and
  • ASUW Students with Disabilities Commission.

During the D Center open house event, we spoke to the UW community about DO-IT's programs, including AccessComputing and the Opportunities! Newsletters. We also shared information about the Access Technology Center (ATC), located in Mary Gates Hall. The ATC is a computer lab that provides disabled users in the UW community, such as students, faculty, and staff, with access to UW's computing resources through adaptive hardware and software. The ATC also offers digital accessibility consultation and braille services.

DO-IT is grateful for the opportunity to have been invited to this event and to engage with UW students and staff. We appreciated the chance to share our work and to learn about other affinity groups at UW that support people with disabilities.