DO-IT Profiles

DO-IT Pal Profile

by Anna

I live in Brooklyn, New York and recently graduated from high school. While in high school, I was the Executive Liaison in Student Government for Students with Disabilities. I'm interested in meeting people with similar ideas as well as being exposed to new ideas and cultures different than my own. I plan to attend college, either the University of Pennsylvania or New York University. I try to be an excellent role model for other DO-IT participants. [Note: If you are a teenager with a disability who has college as a goal, join the DO-IT Pals electronic community by requesting an application at]

DO-IT 2-4 Profile

by Kjersti

I am Kjersti, a 20-year old student at Tacoma Community College (TCC). I have spastic quadriplegia Cerebral Palsy (CP) that requires me to use a wheelchair. I can also use a walker, but the chair gives me the highest level of independence. Having CP has indeed shaped my life, especially my goals for education and employment. I wish to become a special education teacher at the high school level.

I enjoy reading (anything other than sci-fi or romances), drawing, working with people, and listening to music. For physical activities, I enjoy swimming, playing basketball, and riding horses. I love to be outside — the Northwest is truly beautiful! Oh, and as a true Northwesterner, I am a caffeine addict . . . I am truly dependent on coffee!

I am currently working on my Associate's degree at TCC. I plan on transferring to Seattle Pacific University upon completion of this degree and majoring in special education. I feel that as a person with a disability, I understand the needs of other disabled students. I hope to be able to offer my future students encouragement, empathy, and insight, because I too share the challenge of being disabled!

DO-IT Staff Profile

by Cynthia McAuliffe

Picture of DO-IT staffer Cynthia with her dog.
Cynthia McAuliffe, DO-IT Staff Member, enjoys the sunshine with her dog Seamus.

I've worked for the DO-IT program for the past three summers. I travel to camps for young people with disabilities and set up computer labs. Then I train staff to help campers access the Internet, so they can surf to many interesting sites and send e-mail. I have been to camps in Wisconsin, Florida, California, and Washington. I am always eager to see which states I get to visit each summer and which camp friends I can see again.

During the school year, I work for the Puyallup School District as an assistive technology specialist and coordinator of the Medically Fragile/Home-Hospital Programs. I have over 23 years of experience in education, and have seen the birth of assistive technology. I have worked in school districts in Oregon (where I grew up) and in Washington. I live in Puyallup, Washington, but frequently visit my other home in Portland, Oregon. My golden retriever, Seamus, allows me to take him with me when I travel by car.