DO-IT Pal Profile

by Daniel Aronoff

My name is Daniel Aronoff. I'm seventeen and a senior at a preparatory high school in New York. I became blind after the removal of a brain tumor at age four. I love chemistry, mathematics, and French. Additionally, I enjoy collecting sports cards and listening to music. I am applying to two colleges this year--Oberlin in Ohio and Haverford in Pennsylvania. I am a part of the DO-IT Pals program and intend to be one until I no longer can.

by Luke Jensen

Hi! My name is Luke Jensen, and I've just been accepted as a DO-IT Pal. I live in Texas and I am a freshman. As a 15-year-old, I enjoy most of the things other kids my age do--sports, hanging around with friends, etc. I also have a special interest in computers and computer science. I have loved technology from an early age, and was literally brought up with it. I got my first electric wheelchair at six and have used one ever since. I plan to attend the University of North Texas, and major in computer science. Then, when I graduate, I hope to begin working for Sierra On-Line, a computer software company, as a game designer and/or programmer. I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone. :-)