DO-IT Does Teleconferencing

On May 10, Dr. Ray Bowen (Dean, UW College of Engineering) and Dr. Sheryl Burgstahler (DO-IT director) participated in a panel that was telecast to colleges and universities across the country as part of the teleconference series "Engineering Faculty Forum."

The panel also included Dr. Lawrence Scadden, senior program director of the National Science Foundation Program for Persons with Disabilities; Peter Axelson, President of Beneficial Design, Inc.; and Marilyn Berman, associate dean of Engineering at the University of Maryland.

The broadcast, sponsored by the Department of Energy, addressed issues concerning the impact of legislation and technology on education and careers in engineering to students with disabilities; assistive technology and accommodations in the classroom, lab and worksite; recruitment and retention of undergraduate students with disabilities; and the value of diversity in the engineering workforce.