DO-IT and INCIGHT in Oregon

Robbie P., AccessSTEM Team Member

I'm a junior at Portland State University; I am also a C6-C7 quadriplegic. Until this last term I was fortunate not to need to find a job while in school, but, as everyone knows, financial situations can change, and I recently found myself in need of a part-time job to help pay living expenses. I had heard about a nonprofit in the Portland area, INCIGHT: Resources for Self-Empowerment, which assists students with disabilities who are seeking employment. I gave INCIGHT a call and found out that DO-IT was funding an internship at INCIGHT! I applied and got the internship with INCIGHT, partly due to my multimedia studies at Portland Community College.

The internship that DO-IT provided me has been great. One unexpected bonus is my new job with a business that shares the same space with INCIGHT. Not only did DO-IT help me with an internship, it put me right in the place I needed to be to network and build business relations in the field I'm interested in. Now I'm doing great at both part-time jobs and continuing my education. Things are busy, but I can handle them. Thank you DO-IT, INCIGHT, and Wired.MD!