DO-IT Ambassador Profile

Picture of Randy with virtual reality gear
Randy explores virtual reality as a 1993 Phase I Scholar.

I guess the most major recent news is (and many of you were aware of this) that I'm getting married. What most of you don't know is that we've set a date, August 8th. Which basically means I'm *VERY* busy. I recently completed my Bachelor of Science degree at The Evergreen State College. The most amazing part of this accomplishment is that I have no student loans. *CHEER*

So what am I doing during the day? Well, from June to December '97 I was an intern with Weyerhauser Corp. If any of you don't know who they are...Weyerhauser is about the biggest forestry products company in the world. Anyway, I was able to do a good enough job that I was offered a full time position on their information technology help desk. If anyone wants to ask me about it go ahead.

At this point let me put in my two cents. Things have been flying around the DO-IT electronic mail lists about whether it is valuable to get work experience, and how to get it. I'll answer the first part here, and if anyone wants tips on getting an internship or a job just ask. In my opinion a person can *NOT* enter the work force without work experience. Okay, what did I just say? Basically I said that it's impossible to get into the workforce, right? Right, but there are these nifty things like internships. You *MUST* get internships if you want to have a good job after college.

So anyway, those are the major happenings in my life. My email address is