Disability Inclusion in the Ongoing Pandemic

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AccessADVANCE, April 21, 2023
Presenters: Victoria Chavez (PhD Candidate in Computer Science, Northwestern University), Emmanuelle Marquis (Professor, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan), Stephani Page (Director of Strategic Initiatives, Women in Engineering ProActive Network), Matthew Dowell (Assistant Professor and Director of First Year Writing, Department of English, Towson University)
The COVID-19 pandemic has had an outsized impact on the disability community. Many people with disabilities are at a high risk for severe COVID and continue to avoid in-person gatherings. Other people have joined the disability community after acquiring long COVID. As organizations and communities return to pre-pandemic norms, what implications does this have for disability inclusion? What can we do to ensure our organizations are welcoming and accessible to people with disabilities?

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