Digitize to Save the Planet!

Picture of Amrit working on a laptop.
Phase II Scholar Amrit works on Green is the New Black, his film about environmentally-sound cars.

Quiet on the set!
Places everyone!

This summer, DO-IT Scholars participated in a new project conducted through the Pearson Foundation's Digital Arts Alliance and the Jane Goodall Institute. The project was created to challenge youth to portray an environmental concern through film. Four Phase II Scholars participated in the project, which was led by Pearson instructors Beth and Ryan. Each Scholar learned to use Adobe Premiere Element (film editing software) and created a short film that focused on an environmental issue. Amrit, Ashlee, Blake, and Liz decided on a topic, conducted research, and created the film. Film topics included energy efficient automobiles, forest conservation, water conservation, and water pollution. Each film premiered at DO-IT's Summer Study 2008 Closing Ceremonies to rave reviews.