CSforAll Seeks New Commitments

Brianna Blaser, AccessComputing Staff
CSforALL logo

This year, the CSforAll Summit will be held October 21-23 in Salt Lake City, UT. The event brings together organizations—school districts, researchers, government, non-profits, and more—committed to K-12 computer science education across the country. This year, the CSforALL Summit has posted a new Call for Commitments, which includes "new, specific, and measurable actions taken by community stakeholders in support of achieving the ultimate goal of computer science for all US students."

Last year, we encouraged many of our partners to make commitments related to increasing the accessibility of K-12 computer science (CS) education. Over 100 organizations have signed the accessibility pledge that was launched last summer (www.uw.edu/accesscomputing/resources/accesscomputing-news-february-2019/...). At the 2019 Summit, the CSforAll Consortium will share about progress and outcomes resulting from the accessibility pledge. We'd love to see more organizations sign the pledge and make commitments related to accessibility this year.

Find more information at the CSforALL website.