CRA Workshop: Accessible Technology for All

Richard Ladner
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The Computing Research Association through three of its committees, CRA-I, CCC, and CRA-WP, sponsored the Accessible Technology for All Workshop in Washington DC on February 21 – 22, 2023. Two of the organizers are long-time friends of AccessComputing, Shaun Kane and Jeanine Cook. The workshop brought together about 60 participants from industry, academia, government agencies, and advocacy organizations, of which about 40 were on site and 20 remote. The purpose of the workshop was to “vision ways to make all technology accessible and why that is important and necessary for society as a whole.” The workshop featured Richard Ladner, AccessComputing PI, giving the opening keynote address followed by panels of industry representatives who work on accessibility, academic accessibility researchers, and advocacy group representatives who have a stake in what both industry and academic researchers do to benefit their constituents. There was a focus on more short-term solutions, rather than long-range solutions. A summary of the workshop was prepared by Helen Wright, a CRA staff member.