Conference Engagement via Robot: A Case Study in an Option for a Student Unable to Travel

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Kavita is a graduate student in computer science. Because of her disability she cannot travel to professional conferences in her field.

Access Issue

Kavita has been able to attend some sessions at conferences via video calls, but this mode of access limits the ways she is able to engage in conference activities. For example, when she calls into a conference session, she is unable to network with other attendees in sessions and in exhibit areas through informal conversation.


Attending a conference via a telepresence robot allowed Kavita to take part in practically all aspects of the meeting. Kavita independently moved the robot through the conference space to attend presentations and to interact with other attendees in other activities.


This case study illustrates that:

  • technology can provide access to educational opportunities for students with disabilities.
  • new technology may replace older technologies that are being used to provide access.

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