College Life

Anna, DO-IT Ambassador

I live in Haggett, which is the dorm between McCarty and McMahon. It was designed by someone who left their brain at home. The stairways are narrow, and the worst part is that the door opens toward the stairs. We could get in a line and do dominoes with that thing.

Dorm food hasn't been too bad, though they've done really weird things to the eggs a couple of times and the Haggett food staff isn't as helpful as McMahon's.

I've gotten lost a few times on campus, and in very strange ways too. Some part of me was, apparently, attempting to be creative and unique. However, for the most part my first quarter at the U-Dub has gone quite well.

People are very nice and helpful, but sometimes they're too helpful and it's hard to always be polite because it can be irritating. But I try really hard and I think I've only really shown my annoyance once.

Finally, I'd like to tell you all the best things I've learned in my first weeks at college. First, if you're blind, don't get lost in big, wide open spaces. Second, don't get a cold while you're still trying to get into the swing of things. And here's the best one. In history, we studied the Sumerians who were one of the first civilizations. We read their story of the flood. According to them, it happened because the gods decided that they couldn't sleep because humans were being too noisy. So, they attempted to wipe us out.