Videos Now Audio Described for Blind Students

Terrill Thompson, DO-IT technology specialist
A video still of Bill Gates explaining how he first got into computing.

In collaboration with, AccessComputing worked with Audio Eyes, an audio description company, to make's signature inspirational video accessible to blind students.The video features a variety of celebrities—famous technology leaders, musicians, and professional athletes—talking about the importance of learning to write programming code. The video quickly went viral after its release in 2013, and for a while was the #1 video on YouTube with over ten million views.The original video includes on-screen text that identifies each speaker (for example, "Bill: Created Microsoft"). People who are unable to see the on-screen text don't necessarily know who's speaking, which is a key part of what makes the video so inspiring. In order to make this information accessible, the added audio description supplements the program audio with occasional brief narration that verbally announces essential visual content and identification of the speakers. 

A video explaining that he is taking coding classes.'s inspirational video now features audio descriptions of text and images for those who are visually impaired. Images provided by

The described video is now available in three versions (9-minute, 5-minute, and 1-minute) at