CBI Participants

All CBI participants

Participants represent NSF-funded Cyberlearning projects as well as those that work to increase the participation of people with disabilities in STEM. Members of the project planning committee helped design the workshop and project products. The project evaluator tracked activities and collected data on outputs (e.g., products, participants) and outcomes (e.g., changes made) as a result of participation.

The following individuals participated in the CBI.

Shiri Azenkot​
Principle Investigator
Collaborative Research: EAGER: SCIENCE: Systemic Cultivation of Inclusive Equitable Nurturing Classroom Ecology

Sheryl Burgstahler​
Principle Investigator

Jill Castek​
Associate Professor
Synthesis and Design Workshop: Principles for the Equitable Design of Digitally-Distributed, Studio-Based Stem Learning Environments

Dan Comden​
Accessible Technology Specialist

Lyla Crawford
Program Coordinator

Bria Davis
Science through Technology Enhanced Play (STEP)

Gaby de Jongh​
Accessible Technology Specialist

Prasun Dewan
Collaborative Research: CyberTraining: CIU: Towards Distributed and Scalable Personalized Cyber-Training

Shari Gardner

Fengfeng Ke
Associate professor
EXP: “Earthquake Rebuild” - Mathematical Thinking and Learning via Architectural Design and Modeling

Mike Jones
Associate Professor
Exploring Augmented Reality to Improve Learning by Deaf Children in Planetariums

Aaron Kline
Mobile Development Lead
Autism Glass: Design Challenges and Strategies for Targeted Audiences

Richard Ladner
Principle Investigator

Elizabeth Lee
Publications Coordinator

Katrina Martin
Education Researcher
SunBay SLE

Lorna Quandt​
Assistant Professor
Signing Avatars & Immersive Learning (SAIL): Development and Testing of a Novel Embodied Learning Environment

Hadi Rangin​
Accessible Technology Specialist

Meaghan Roper
Accessibility Assistant
Inclusive Classroom Pedagogy and Practices

Ray Rose
Designer/Contributor/Guest speaker
TxDLA Digital Accessibility Certification  

Sofia Tancredi​
Doctoral Student
SREMA: Sensory Regulatory Embodied Mathematics Activity

Terrill Thompson
Accessible Technology Specialist

Bingran Wang
Online Course Coordinator
Promoting Online Course Accessibility in Georgetown University