Candice's Sickle Cell Disease Scholarship

Candice's Sickle Cell Fund, Inc. has been established to raise awareness among the public concerning sickle cell disease. Our goal is to help alleviate the financial pressures of college-bound students in the Tri-State Area (NY/NJ/CT) with sickle cell disease by providing three scholarships annually in the amount of $1500 ($750 presented in September, and $750 presented in January). Each applicant must submit a 250-word essay type-written in double-spaced format to include how sickle cell disease has affected their life and education. Each applicant should also include what their educational goals are and how they expect to achieve them, in addition, what person has been instrumental in their lives to help them persevere.

Graduating high school seniors with sickle cell disease in the Tri-State Area who can commit a minimum of 5 hours during the year and write a 250-word essay are eligible.
Application Due
April 14, 2024