Attention: Grants Available to Youngsters with Disabilities

Do Something
Do Something provides small grants for young people with creative ideas to solve problems in their communities.
March 12
Grants are up to $500 each. Do Something awards about 72 grants annually.
Young people, including students and beginning teachers, under the age of 30.
Applicants should show a commitment to strengthen their communities by designing projects to solve a specific community problem. Individuals should do as much as work on the project before applying as possible; concentrate on one problem, rather than trying to solve multiple problems at the same time; and serve as a possible model for others.
Recent Grants
Do Something has awarded grants to young people aged 9-28 nationwide, including grants to a 16 year-old student who organized a community service and extracurricular activity; a nine year-old for a program to identify 10 African males in the community to help them build self-esteem; and a 13 year-old who built a wheelchair access ramp onto his school's baseball field so that kids in wheelchairs could enjoy the games.
National Grants, Do Something, 423 West 55th St., 8th Floor, New York, NY 10019. Information is also available on the Internet at