Apply for an AccessADVANCE Minigrant

AccessADVANCE has funds available to support activities to expand, replicate, and disseminate practices related to our project goals nationwide. The ultimate goal is to increase the number of women with disabilities successfully pursuing STEM faculty careers.

An institution or other organization can seek funding to support

  • meetings or trainings focused on policies and practices that can increase the participation of underrepresented groups with disabilities in faculty careers.
  • an existing event for faculty or potential faculty in order to attract and involve people with disabilities from underrepresented groups, including women.
  • a stand-alone new event to mentor and support women with disabilities in STEM faculty careers.
  • a training event for faculty, administrators, or staff to build their capacity to support faculty with disabilities.
  • registration, materials, and travel expenses to deliver presentations, host exhibits or special interest groups, or otherwise share project resources at conferences.

Proposal Requirements

We expect most requests to be for $4,000-5,000. Proposals can be submitted any time, but limited funding is available. To apply, complete the AccessADVANCE Minigrant Application Form.

Recipients of AccessADVANCE minigrants are required to submit an activity summary and a draft of an article for the AccessADVANCE Knowledge Base. This summary must include a completed evaluation form. Recipients are also encouraged to collect feedback from participants during or immediately following the event. For project evaluation forms, see Minigrant Evaluation Forms.