Another Claim to Fame!

Congratulations to DO-IT Scholar Trent, and DO-IT Ambassador David, who will be inducted into the 1998 Youth Hall of Fame.

The Youth Hall of Fame honors ordinary youth for being extraordinary! Young people who are taking positive action toward their dreams and goals, and who are voluntarily giving back to others. Trent and David have both signed the Youth Hall of Fame Pledge, to mentor and encourage another person in the coming year.

The Youth Hall of Fame International is a 501c3 non-profit corporation whose mission is to recognize, document, publicize, and celebrate the inspiring contributions of the world's youth. Trent and David have both designed their own individual hand-etched tiles that will be part of the Greater Seattle Youth Wall of Fame!

Congratulations from DO-IT!!!

Once the honors were announced via the Internet, congratulations were received from around the world. What follows is one comment from a DO-IT Pal.

  • DO-IT has received much recognition for the accomplishments of the DO-IT program and the key personnel involved in creating the DO-IT model. From the seeds of an idea to getting the sponsorship, to attracting talented youth to becoming involved in the various aspects of DO-IT. And this is nothing short of fantastic. But when the participants of DO-IT receive recognition, this is even greater because it truly is a mark of success of the DO-IT Program to do just that, DO-IT!

    Ditto in the congratulations to youth who provide a fine role model for other youth to follow. Too often youth who do fine things are not recognized for their contributions. I salute these two exemplary young men and the program that recognized them. And additional congratulations to DO-IT for giving them the opportunities to focus on their strengths and to help them further their potential through the DO-IT program.

    Great stuff, keep it up and grow to even greater heights. Blessings to everyone involved.

Trent and David join other DO-IT participants who have been inducted into the Youth Hall of Fame. They include Jennifer, Matt, Nguyen, Matthew, and Priscilla. Way to go!