Ambassador Profile

Scott Ferguson, AccessSTEM Intern
Photograph of DO-IT Scholar and AccessSTEM intern Scott Ferguson
DO-IT Scholar and AccessSTEM intern, Scott Ferguson

I was a Phase I Scholar in the summer of 2002. In the summer of 2004, I returned as a Summer Study Intern. I first attended Cascadia community college after high school graduation but transferred after one year because the group work did not suit my style of learning. The next year I attended Shoreline community college and discovered an interest in economics (it isn't just for business majors!). In 2005 I transferred to the University of Washington (UW). This spring, I earned two bachelor's degrees-one in political economics and the other in history.

I had a Summer Study internship in 2004 and returned to DO-IT regularly during the following summers to assist in activities. I am currently working as a coordinator/counselor Intern for the DO-IT Center. My primary responsibility is to expand and support the newly initiated Autism Spectrum Condition program. I am also on the Washington State Combating Autism Act Council.

I was recently accepted into the UW Bothell's Master of Arts in policy studies program. I can see how the knowledge of science and technology integrates with the social sciences of politics and economics and that, in the end, an understanding of both worlds is necessary for advancement.